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Transparent Elastic Rope Round Crystal Line Rubber Cord For Jewelry Making Beading Bracelet Jewelry Cord

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Material Rubber.
Color Transparent Color

Transparent Elastic Rope Round Crystal Line Rubber Cord Fish wire

  • ELASTIC STRING – The elastic string is approx. 1 mm in width 100m/ 320 ft per roll. It is easy to tie knots and the knot is strong and small to make your beads secure and you can hide the knot easily.
  • WIDELY APPLICATION JEWELRY STRING – The jewelry bracelet crystal string is perfect for a bracelet, necklace, bead weaving, and other jewelry craft projects.
  • EASY TO USE-Our products are smooth and easy to pass through the crafts made of gemstone beads, glass beads, and other beads, giving you a pleasant experience in the production process.
  • GOOD ELASTICITY - This is a stretchable beaded rope that You can stretch a 1-inch beaded rope to a length of 2.5 inches. Surprisingly, it will not break at all.
  • STRONG - It may be small, but it is very strong. It will not break even if it bears 4 kg of weight. This is determined by its perfect quality.


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