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ponytail scarf scrunchies for sale andi scrunchies real hair scrunchies hair scrunchie scarf green scrunchie velvet scrunchie pink large scrunchies sunflower girl scrunchies zipper scrunchie

ponytail scarf scrunchies for sale andi scrunchies real hair scrunchies hair scrunchie scarf green scrunchie velvet scrunchie pink large scrunchies sunflower girl scrunchies zipper scrunchie neon scrunchies scrunchies

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dupatta for women,scarves for women
  • Handmade
  • Materials: fabric, elastic

You've whispered Yes, now you want your girls and your gifts!

These attractive Hair Tie Scrunchies are the flawless bridesmaid proposal gift for your bridesmaids, Matron of Honor, Maid of honor, Jr Bridesmaids & Flower Girls.

Scrunchie Velvet Hair Ties, Bachelorette Party Favor, Bachelorette Party Hair Ties, Bridesmaid Gift Scrunchies Hair ties to require and to grasp.

One Set Includes:

  • 1 Scrunchie
  • The color of the scrunchies may be an collection of shades of blush, lavender, wine, cream and tan.
  • Please note, due to high request, The color could be all one color or a combination!
  • **We cannot lodge specific color requirements for the scrunchies.
  • Our Scrunchies are Wonderful Comfortable, unlike customary hairbands.
  • These aspect super attractive on your wrist too as jewels.
  • Give her a practical gift she will adoration & use!

Our Scrunchies will be your hairs next greatest friend!

Independently handmade from high superiority Satin fabric with love.

  • No more smashing & split ends
  • No more twists
  • Anti frizz!

These beautiful scrunchies are keeping hairstyle in place without a hitch or mass to your locks.


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