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fulkari phulkari dupatta,embroidery dupatta,phulkari,phulkari chunni,kantha work dupatta phulkari suit,phulkari embroidery

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dupatta for women,scarves for women

fulkari phulkari dupatta,embroidery  dupatta,phulkari,phulkari chunni,kantha work dupatta phulkari suit,phulkari embroidery 

Decoration - embroidered, black phulkari dupatta with plain suits. It is an embroidery black phulkari dupatta with plain suits with plain suits technique from areas of Punjabi, phulkari dupatta with plain suits with plain suits mean flowers, particularly worn during marriages and functions. 
Hand embroidered black phulkari dupatta with plain suits with plain suits

Perfect for - women 

Event - formal or casual

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Material - fine katan silk chiffon black phulkari dupatta with plain suits. It is embroidered with diverse colored silk threads.

Color - multicolored.  color has embroidery with different colored silk threads displaying floral diamond designs all above. Material is fully enclosed with embroidery phulkari online shopping online phulkari dupatta in geometrically pattern.

Sizes: 40 inch X 98-inch **measurements are an approximation and can be 1-2 inches off depending on the piece

It can be enfolded in different flairs. It is a unique hand embroidery phulkari dupatta,embroidery dupatta,phulkari,phulkari chunni,kantha work dupatta with plain suits from Punjab.

Attention - mild hand wash.

Size - Standard 2.5 meters



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