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Buy long white scarf white scarves white Stoles Online -

Buy long white scarf white scarves white Stoles Online

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Made from sheer chiffon (polyester), white scarf offers soft warm and fit wearing experience on a summer/autumn/spring day at an affordable cost. Confidently, you will glorify this beautiful white summer scarf! The colors may diversify a little because every screen has its private perspectives.

  • white scarf is 200 cm or 79 inches long and 70 cm or 27.5 inches wide.
  • A wonderful long white scarf is made of pleasant to skin material - chiffon.
  • The scarf has lovely white shade.

SIZE: - 200 cm or 79 inches long and 70 cm or 27.5 inches wide Approx.

Stuff Used:

light white stuff, chiffon, white fabric, white chiffon, synthetic cloth, summer attitude, white inspirational, 100% Polyester Chiffon Georgette.


Machine-embroider overlocking edges.

Made in Pakistan

Maintenance: Dry Clean or Hand wash

Note: We have the following scarves style collections.

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