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oop earring,gold hoop earrings,silver hoop earrings,gold hoops,small hoop earrings,diamond hoop earrings,small gold hoop earrings,huggie hoop earrings,sterling silver hoop earrings,
oop earring,gold hoop earrings,silver hoop earrings,gold hoops,small hoop earrings,diamond hoop earrings,small gold hoop earrings,huggie hoop earrings,sterling silver hoop earrings,

10pcs/Lot Gold Silver Plated Earring Hoops Round Big Circle Hoop Earrings DIY Fashion Women Jewelry Making Accessories Supplies

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  • round beading hoop. 3 colors (gold, rose gold, silver), 2 sizes of each color (3cm/1.18inch, 4cm/1.57inch). 10pcs 3cm gold round earrings, 10pcs 4cm gold round earrings, 10pcs 3cm rose gold round earrings, 10pcs 4cm rose gold round earrings, 10pcs 3cm silver round earrings, 10pcs 4cm silver round earrings.
  • [Earring size] Two sizes, small round beading hoop diameter 3cm/1.18inch, large round beading hoop diameter 4cm/1.57inch. The right size is your best choice.
  • [Changeable style] 2 sizes and 3 different colors, you can design various styles of earrings to provide you with more creative space, these three colors of earrings can match your various jewelry or beads, suitable for all occasions, round earrings are your best choice.
  • [Easy to use] The top of the open beading hoop can be opened. You can directly wear such a simple and fashionable earring, or add any pendant or accessory you like to make a simple earring match the different feelings.
  • [DIY crafts] no longer monotonous earrings, a simple gadget can design brand new earrings, no longer worry about earring pendant is not your favorite style, you can design some novel earrings according to your own ideas, you are the master of fashion


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