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otton lace trim by the yard,indian lace trim,flower lace trim,cotton lace ribbon,silver lace ribbon,edging lace trim

10 yards samosa cotton lace trim by the yard,indian lace trim,flower lace trim,cotton lace ribbon,silver lace ribbon,edging lace trim

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Material Nylon
Colour Multi
About this item
Sales Package:1 x (10 Mtr) Roll Of Mini Silver Samosa Gota Patti Embroidery Trim Lace Border with 1.27 cm Width 
These Beautiful Designer Trim Laces Can Use in Beautifying Your Dresses, Sarees, Lehengas and Dupattas to Perfection.
You Can Convert Any Ordinary Dress into a Designer Party Wear by Adding this Trim Lace Border.
These Are Product Designed to Match Modern Ethnic Fashion Needs.
These Fancy Laces and Borders Are Used by Fashion Designers for Embellishing Sarees,suit,lehenga,choli,kurti,dresses,gowns and Other Indo-Western Dresses..



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