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Embroidery hoop frame embroidery frame embroidery hoop stand square embroidery hoop embroidery frame stand mini embroidery hoops embroidery frames and stands -

Embroidery hoop frame embroidery frame embroidery hoop stand square embroidery hoop embroidery frame stand mini embroidery hoops embroidery frames and stands

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Circle Wood Embroidery Hoop

High quality of Embroidery wood hoops ideal for patchwork, embroidery and other projects.

Embroidery hoops are used for plot embroidery or cross stitch fabric in place while working.

Embroidery hoops can be take out, then put your cloth into the hoop and cover it; can fix your fabric very smoothly and tightly.

These hoops are a perfect decoration for doing embroidery/cross stitch, and also can be used as frames to display your finished projects.

These embroidery hoops have L brackets to allow you to work with any desired fabric thickness, and hoops provide even tension on all fabric edges.

ideal for hanging and displaying cross-stitch art or wall decorations.

Cross stitch hoops with 6 sizes are perfectly suitable for embroidered cloths with diverse sizes.

Circle's diameter:

- 10.5cm(4 inch diameter),

- 12.5cm(5 inch diameter),

- 15.5cm(6 inch diameter),

- 18cm(7 inch diameter),

- 20cm(8 inch diameter),

- 24cm(9 inch diameter),

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