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artificial Imitation necklace chain,gold chain,cuban link chain,gold chain for men,silver chain,silver chain for men,gold chain for women,cuban chain,tennis chain,mens necklaces,mens chains,rope chain,tennis necklace

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  • Stainless steel chains, silver gold color. The size of link is about 2.0mm long,  2.0mm wide, 0.8mm thick
  • Material: Stainless steel; Color: silver; gold Chain style: cross chains
  • Matching jump rings and lobster clasps are also included in the package: 20 lobster clasps and 30 jump rings
  • Wide application: good for DIY jewelry making, craft project, dog tags, and many other uses
  • Easy to use and store: the chain is rolling in a reel to avoid knotting; when not in use, just roll it back to the reel, easy and convenient


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