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100 pcs multi pearl bead,navajo pearls,swarovski pearls,swarovski pearl earrings,fake pearls,freshwater pearl beads,flat back pearls,glass pearls,mother of pearl beads,pearl beads for crafts

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Superior Quality Czech Glass Imitation Pearls,
Base is a Round Czech multi Alabaster Glass Bead which is pearlized 6 times (dipped in pearl essences) and finished with a clear protective layer. These imitation pearls are completely lead free. The whole production process utilizes ecologically responsible technologies and is under a close supervision of EU environmental authorities.

Pearl color: White (multi)
~ Please note that color deviations cannot be avoided. Color shade may change by different production lots.
~ Images are for informational purposes only. Colors on your screen are affected by monitor settings and different web browsers. Slight changes in shades are unavoidable.


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